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Crew Recruitment for any ships – We supply the best qualified seafarers in the Pacific.

As your chosen partner, Samoa Shipping Services will guarantee you the best services in Crew Recruitment. We can proudly say that we have the most experienced, strongest, most reliable and trustworthy local seafarers who have been well trained in many duties and responsibilities on board any vessel.

For any request on Crew Recruitment please contact: sss@lesamoa.net or meredithsjk@sssltd.ws

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Ship Agency – We will take care of all documentation for ship clearance before port entrance. As your port agent we, a government entity guarantees the most reliable service provided by the most experienced in organising your request at all times.

For Port Agency fee please contact us: sss@lesamoa.net or nuili@sssltd.ws

Excursions for Cruise Ships Visit:

We organise Excursion Packages for any Cruise Ship at the most affordable rates. We make sure that every ship entering our ports get the chance to experience and discover our beautiful islands and experience the unique Samoan culture and people.

For special packages offered for your visit please contact us: sss@lesamoa.net or nuili@sssltd.ws

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Cargo Handling
We handle any cargo coming in and sent out anywhere in the world whether it be air freight and sea freight and our experienced team will take care of all documentation for clearance to ensure your cargo is delivered in the best condition.

Please contact us for your request and quotes: sss@lesamoa.net or nuili@sssltd.ws

Personal Effects Shipping

The easiest way to ship personal effects to the Islands is to use one of our Agents. As an agent SSS can organise the containers to be delivered to your home and then collect the empty containers once you’ve offloaded your goods.

You can also ship personal effects in suitcases, other crates, and drums.

Shipping Cars

We can help with your car shipping requirements. We can bring ALL types of vehicles from New Zealand and Australia.

Our experienced customer service team will advise on the most appropriate and safest method of transportation for your vehicle.

Paperwork required

The only paperwork you will need to complete is a packing list.

Cost of Shipping Personal Effects

Contact us at : sss@lesamoa.net or nuili@sssltd.ws

Airfreight Cargo

Time is vital if you urgently need to send or receive your personal effects. We can do that using airfreight.

Contact us: sss@lesamoa.net or nuili@sssltd.ws

Door to door service:

SSS service is to handle your cargo in the safest way from the beginning of its journey to its final destination. We offer door to door services when requested.

For quote on door to door services please contact: sss@lesamoa.net or nuili@sssltd.ws

20ft General Container

These are used to carry goods that require shelter from the elements but are not necessarily needed to be kept at a certain temperature.

Ideal for goods such as:

- building materials

- personal effects

- chemicals

-canned or dried foods

40ft General Container

Forty foot containers have the same characteristics as twenty foots with the obvious advantage of being twice and long and holding twice as much volume. Ideal for bigger cargo.

Ideal for:

- building materials

- personal effects

- chemicals

- canned or dried foods

20ft High Cube

High cube containers are similar to general containers, except they're about 300mm taller and are 2 pallets wide. People use them to carry goods needing more space; or items too high for general containers.

Ideal for:

insulation materials

long items

40ft High Cube

Ideal for:

insulation materials

long items

20ft Reefer

These containers are built especially for cargo requiring temperature control. Each container has its own refrigeration unit.

Ideal for:

-meat and fish



Microlink controllers ensure set temperature levels for goods ensuring your products arrive in the best condition with a longer shelf life

20ft Flat Rack

Flat rack containers are designed for oversized or heavy items. They have no cover.
Lashing points are fixed along the bottom rail.

Ideal for:

-portable housing

-timber, steel


We carry all sorts of cargo, whether it needs a container or not.

From concrete blocks and canned food to household items and heavy machinery, our multi-purpose ships are designed for Pacific freight. They have their own cranes, so we can safely load and unload your goods at any of our ports.

Our operations team has decades of experience helping customers with the demands of supply throughout the Pacific.

Less than a Container Load (LCL)

Not everyone has a whole container load of cargo, so we have special teams of people to assist you with smaller amounts of freight.

They can help with packing, timeframes and bookings.

Your goods travel in a shipping container, along with other people's cargo heading to the same port. So you still get the same treatment and protection with cargo needing a full container load.

contact us: sss@lesamoa.net or nuili@sssltd.ws

Full Container Load (FCL)

Containers offer you the convenience of loading your own freight and the ability to track its progress on the journey. In addition, your goods will arrive together, ready to be unpacked or quickly transferred onto trucks or rails to your final destination.

We offer the use of a wide range of containers, each designed to meet different needs. These can be fully enclosed, temperature-controlled or simply a flat base for oversized goods.

If at any point you are unsure about the packing, cooling, or condition of your cargo or container, please contact us: sss@lesamoa.net or nuili@sssltd.ws before packing the container

Break-bulk Cargo.

Cargo such as boats, pipes and heavy machinery are often too big for a container. We call this break-bulk cargo. We can even unload onto barges, so you can reach remote project sites. Contact(sss@lesamoa.net or nuili@sssltd.ws our experienced customer services team will help you with your break-bulk cargo.

Choosing a reliable and efficient shipping partner is an important part of any trader's business strategy and it’s also essential when you're undertaking international project work.